Covid-19 Statement from the Kashfence Trust

Throughout history fake remedies and miracle cures have been used to mislead and rob vulnerable people when they are most afraid and in need. They give false hope to people when scientifically proven medicine and cures have not been developed. In the recent Covid-19 worldwide pandemic there is no shortage of unproven cures of traditional, herbal and even medicinal remedies being spread on social media. Many such tonics have already been responsible for deaths and illnesses worldwide and have caused individuals to be lax in their precautions regarding Covid-19. It is important to understand that even if a scientifically proven medicine or cure has not yet been developed it is not a vindication of superstitious or unproven claims. It is important to approach any remedy or cure touted for any ailment using proper scientific analysis and approach and to rely on the experts in the field and not fraudsters to find the appropriate solution.

Kashfence Trust, 28 March 2020