Covid-19 Statement from the Kashfence Trust

Throughout history fake remedies and miracle cures have been used to mislead and rob vulnerable people when they are most afraid and in need. They give false hope to people when scientifically proven medicine and cures have not been developed. In the recent Covid-19 worldwide pandemic there is no shortage of unproven cures of traditional, herbal and even medicinal remedies being spread on social media. Many such tonics have already been responsible for deaths and illnesses worldwide and have caused individuals to be lax in their precautions regarding Covid-19. It is important to understand that even if a scientifically proven medicine or cure has not yet been developed it is not a vindication of superstitious or unproven claims. It is important to approach any remedy or cure touted for any ailment using proper scientific analysis and approach and to rely on the experts in the field and not fraudsters to find the appropriate solution.

Kashfence Trust, 28 March 2020

About Us

This website is intended to inform anyone interested in the Kashfence Philosophy and provide information and contact needed by the world Kashfenci community for propagating the Kashfenci thought.

The site is run by the Kashfence Trust, registered as a charity in New Zealand.  Kashfence Trust also operates Kashfence Trust Publications and Productions and Health-T Publication.

Shahin Soltanian
Dr. Shahin Soltanian

Founder of Kashfence Philosophy Dr. Shahin Soltanian has a PhD from the University of Auckland in philosophy.  He has studied and researched the philosophy, theology, history and legal frameworks of many religious teachings and traditions.  He spent a good portion of his life researching foundations of religious thoughts, reasoning provided by polemics of various different religions for their tenets of faith and the principles and legal frameworks of various religious laws.  His main goal for his research was always to find out the truth.  Dr. Soltanian founded and named the Kashfence Philosophy for those who believe in God but do not see the necessity of adopting a religion.  Kashfence Philosophy provides the framework and organization for living one’s life without religion or divine commandments.

Zahra Soltanian
Zahra Soltanian

Zahra Soltanian is a trustee of the Kashfence Trust. She manages the organization and operation of the trust’s activities and its financial aspects. She is interested in women’s rights, freedoms and health. She can also communicate in four languages.

Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi
Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi is the web administrator for the Kashfence Philosophy site. He is responsible for the this site’s smooth running, SEO and social media and web activities. His other activities include software development, 3D and CGI art, animation, film production and game development.


The Kashfence Philosophy (Discovering through Rational and Scientific Analysis)

By: Dr Shahin Soltanian

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How the Religious Concepts of the Afterlife Devalue Human Life

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Spinoza’s Pantheism

By: Dr Shahin Soltanian

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Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

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Health-T Publications

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Kashfence Philosophy

Kashfence Philosophy is the doctrine that maintains rational and scientific reasoning is the basis for a happy and moral life.  The word Kashfence is comprised of the word ‘Kashf’, meaning to discover in some languages, with the suffix ‘ence’ which denotes a quality, an action or result.  Together ‘kashf’ and ‘ence’ create the original word Kashfence intended to capture the essence of discovering through rational and scientific reasoning and analysis.  The essence of Kashfence Philosophy is for every person to discover through rational and scientific reasoning.

Kashfence Philosophy is not a religion but a philosophical basis and doctrine for living.  According to the Kashfence Philosophical thought a person is capable of discovering through rational and scientific reasoning not only information about the world but also moral principles.  Like the scientific domain the ability to discover moral principles and laws that govern society become better evolved and more advanced through peaceful dialogue that takes place between people as long as the underlying principle is rational and scientific reasoning.

According to Kashfence Philosophy there exists an unlimited God that created the entire world of being.  However, God has not ‘revealed’ anything to human beings.  The ability to reason is the best tool God has given every person to discover not only scientific principles but also all other principles including any basis for moral and legal opinions.

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